Prognose van Vrijdag, 19.04.24

Algemene weerstoestand

Cool and humid air masses will continue to dominate the weather in South Tyrol.

Min 4° - Max 16°
Weer vandaag

Clouds will predominate, the sun will only shine occasionally and towards the evening it will start to snow in the north of South Tyrol. Snow line between 1000 and 1200 m. The north wind weakens temporarily.

Min 4° - Max 17°
Weer morgen

Clouds will predominate on the main Alpine ridge and it will snow lightly at times. Towards the south, the clouds will break up and the sun will shine for longer. In many valleys, a strong north wind will blow.


Zo, 21.04
Min -4° - Max 16°
Ma, 22.04
Min -3° - Max 12°
Di, 23.04
Min -3° - Max 15°