The Jewel of the Adige

Beneath the hill of Tarces (Tartsch Bühel), in the Val Venosta we find the historic town Glurns , which has remained the same for centuries. With its 900 inhabitants Glurns is the smallest town of the Southern Alps. It is a real gem as it is, still today, the only one to be surrounded by walls and its nucleus has preserved the medieval charm.
Glurns was already populated in Roman times, as here not only was the most important node of traffic on the trade route "Via Claudia Augusta", but there was also an important market for the sale of salt. In 1304 Glurns is for the first time called "city" in a certificate. Two centuries later the city was almost destroyed in the battle of Calva Engadine 1499. For this reason there was a construction of protective walls which are 10 meters high, the ten fortified towers and the three towers for entry. You should also visit the houses and medieval arcades. Very interesting to visit are also the churches and the castle of Glurns.
Since a few years, in the entrance tower "Tubre", there is a permanent exhibition about the most famous "son" of the city, the artist Paul Flora who died in 2009.