The lightness of being

Sauna, swimming, relaxing, exercising and enjoy

In the hotel Ortlerspitz it is very easy to relax. Here you can forget your everyday live and just devote your precious time to the recovery of body and mind. Put yourself in a world of tranquility and well-being and do once only that what you really want.

Bio-sauna - 65 ° C

Experience the warming moments which are supporting the recovery of your health and give your soul the rest back, the peace you have been searching for a long time.

Alm-sauna - 90 ° C

In our traditional alpine sauna on the lawn you have a sauna in a very traditional way, however enjoying wonderful views of the Ortler.

Herbal & Steam Sauna - 45 ° C

At low temperatures, you sweat in a mild way and the alpine herbs scents provide a very special sauna experience.

Panoramic indoor pool

Embraced and carried by the water, relaxation is particularly easy. Just let your eyes wander from the indoor pool, to the